Bollywood Dancer, Bhangra Cardio Workout, By Nutrition Advice Clinic

Wednesday Workout: Try Something New! Cardio Fun With Bhangra

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Bhangra Cardio Workout for Diabetes, by Nutrition Advice Clinic
Bhangra Cardio Workout for Diabetes, by Nutrition Advice Clinic

For 15 Minutes, Be The Star of Your Own Bollywood Movie

Exercise doesn’t always have to be serious. If the thought of press-ups, squats and planks is putting you off, then mix it up and have some fun too! How about immersing yourself in some light-hearted fun whilst getting a cardio workout at the same time? You can be the star of your own Slumdog Millionaire success story. I love to try new things, because whilst our brains like reliability and predictability, they also crave novelty. So this is what I’m going to be trying this week.

Learn 3 Basic Moves in Just Over 10 Minutes

Today I found this wonderful tutorial video showing 3 straight forward bhangra moves, that will get your whole body working (think Zumba combined with comedy). The moves are energetic and challenging, so as well as keeping your body active it will keep your brain active too. I get excited by workouts where my mind is occupied by an enjoyable activity and the exercise is a bonus outcome, plus I do the activity for longer because it makes the time fly by.

Bhangra Songs to Workout To

So now you’ve learnt the moves and set the scene in your imagination for being a hero with 100 colourful backing dancers, try it out for 15 minutes. And definitely smile big and grin while you’re doing it, and have a good giggle at footwork fumbles (and these crazy videos)! This is absolutely meant to be a fun fifteen minutes to lift your heart and pump your circulation too. I’ve even put a playlist together for you with bhangra dance songs to help you along:

Send me Your Bhangra Workout Song Suggestions

Do you know a good bhangra song to dance and smile to? Send me your links! And if you’re feeling brave – I would absolutely to see your short video clips of your bhangra workout. Post your links in the comments!

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