Meet Me

Hello, I’m Sangeeta Squires, Nutritional Therapist at Nutrition Advice Clinic and I’m pleased to meet you! I’m delighted to be helping my clients achieve their health goals and I look forward to working with you too. I’m extremely fortunate to have trained with highly respected UK clinicians and functional medicine practitioners, who informed my approach of addressing root causes of symptoms to unlock vitality in body and mind.

During consultations, I bridge the gap between the science of good health and what this means in practice. I develop personalised nutrition and lifestyle plans that are specific to each individual and their body’s requirements. I explain the recommendations and mechanisms in a straight forward manner, making it easy to understand, so you have clear direction and confidence to move forward with your health.

I partner with a professional team of accredited, qualified therapists that I can refer clients to when appropriate (a few examples are medical/remedial massage, osteopathy, mindfulness practice, NLP, psychotherapy and yoga instruction).

Together, we’ll fast-track you to your health goals. I’ve been there myself and I know what it’s like. You can read about my own health journey here