Boost Your Immunity! Join us on 12 Dec 2020

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Why join this workshop?

  • You’ll be fast-tracked to knowing how to improve your immunity in just a few hours!
  • You’ll get an engaging, interactive nutrition workshop with Sangeeta Squires (Head Nutritionist), showing you how to strengthen your immune system, with the best foods and supplements, and a handout for you to keep.
  • You’ll get a complete yoga class with Tina Röpcke (Yoga Instructor), including specific stretches and twists to activate your digestive system, which is a key component to a healthy immune system. And of course you’ll enjoy some valuable relaxation time at the end.

Who is it for?

It’s suitable for everyone that wants to support their immunity with nutrition and movement, through a convenient, comprehensive workshop. The yoga class is for beginners and beyond. Tina always gives multiple options for each posture with clear instructions to guide you through it.

When is it?

Sat 12 Dec 2020

How long is it?

2 ½ Hours

How much is it?

Only £15!

You can also get 1-2-1 support now, with a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan to help your immunity as well as other areas you want to address:

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